Tokyo Building

Tokyo Hibachi and Bar Japanese and Chinese Restaurant is located in the center area of Berks County, on 960 Woodland Rd Wyomissing, PA 19610. It was previously known as Denny's Restaurant. It is located right beside the Berkshire mall and across the street from Red Lobster Restaurant.

We grand opened on July 15, 2008. Our restaurant is capable of seating about 200 people. We have a large parking lot, enough for more than 100 cars. This is a totally new renovated facility, and we promise to provide a high level class of fine dine-in and take-out yet, have reasonable prices for Berks county customers.

We are open 7 days a week. We serve traditional Chinese food, Japanese food, Sushi, and cocktails. However, what will satisfy you most would be our Sushi side of the menu because here at Tokyo Hibachi we provide the highest food quality that will fulfill our customers' needs.

We provide all different kinds of Sushi Rolls and Sashimi that are freshly cut and beautifully made, which will fulfill your appetite. Prepared by our four amazing master level sushi chefs, they not only make the food, but also present their work of art; which is usually too beautiful to eat. Furthermore, freshness is the most important factor when making sushi. The fish, the meat and the vegetables that you eat at our restaurant are guaranteed most freshed and the quality are at its highest. Most importantly, we order our fish and all other ingredients every day from local distributors.

On our traditional Chinese cuisine part of the menu,we have talented and experienced chefs; who create authentic Chinese dishes by using only the freshest ingredients and traditional Chinese recipes. Our exotic sauces and flavors will intermingle on your plate. By coming here, you will experience an exciting taste of journey that you would have never imagined.

Hibachi is getting more and more popular in the United States of America. Hibachi is where people sit around the grill while a Chef cooks and entertains them at their presence. With our succulent seafood, tender chicken, juicy steaks, and garden-fresh vegetables grilled to delicious perfection, the chef will cook everything before your eyes. At the Hibachi Bar, the food is entertaining while the chef makes the fun last. For example, the Hibachi Chef entertains his audience while he cooks, juggles his cooking utensils, throws the food at your mouth, and creates a sudden exciting flames over the grills. His funny acrobatic show always get a lot of cheers and applauses. Hibachi is highly recommended for family or groups of people whom want to have fun while they enjoy the good food and have an unforgettable dining experience.

A good meal without a lovely drink would be a letdown at Tokyo Hibachi and Bar. Here at Tokyo Hibachi and Bar, we have a full size Cocktail Bar that carries all kinds of liquor, higher class Red and White Wine, major brand domestic and imported beers, and also hot sake, an imported Rice Wine from Japan.

In order to keep a good network with our lovely customers and serve as the best Asian Cuisine in the area, we will continue on trying our best to improve ourselves, and we do accept any recommendations. We believe that the best way to succeed is to continue on serving delicious food; at a reasonable price; provide an outstanding service; obtain good management. Also, we will offer a comfortable and relaxing dining environment; with good quality and fresh food. Best of all, we will try our best to constantly innovate our menu.

Welcome to Tokyo Hibachi and Bar, feel free to choose your favorites and enjoy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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